The Importance Of Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning is used to ensure that organization’s actions relate to their mission and goals (Berman, 2006). My organization does do strategic planning on a yearly basis when each committee creates work plans that will be utilized for the year. One particular committee that is in need of strategic planning would be our business development committee. My organization runs a main street program and we have four committees each with different goals that work on programming. The business development committee is fairly new and has a weak membership. They do very little programming and have been known to fail following through with their approved work plans, which are some reasons why strategic planning would be useful. Strategic planning…show more content…
An effective agency dashboard allows quick access to the organization’s performance. It is a tool that can increase stakeholder relationships and highlight organizational efficiency. However, when dashboards are not done correctly, they can be inefficient and ineffective. An effective agency dashboard reports useful data that is accurate and complete (Sternstein, 2010). Alternatively, an ineffective dashboard reports incorrect and incomplete information that lacks meaning when viewed by stakeholders (Sternstein, 2010). An effective dashboard uses appropriate metrics to define appropriate data. Thus, they select data that will give meaning to stakeholders regarding organizational success and efficiency that specifically relates to their mission statement (Sternstein, 2010). An ineffective agency’s dashboard would report data that has limited meaning to stakeholders and does not fit what they desire to see in regards to an organizations…show more content…
My office faces many IT security threats. Seeing as we carry classified and confidential data including new business recruitment packages, business income data, and employee data, security is very important, however I strongly believe that there is much room for improvement in this area. Some issues that we face frequently are computer viruses. Personally, I receive about 5 emails a week that carry viruses according to our information technology department. Sometimes these are caught before they go to my inbox but other times they go directly to my inbox. I was trained to not open any files that I do not recognize or from users I do not recognize which helps with security. Unauthorized access is also a threat to my office. Many phishing emails are received that claim to be from the city asking to reset our data with the goal of attaining password information. Again, strong communication and training helps prevent this, but it is still easy to open the files. Some older individuals in the city have opened the files and caused data breaches, which is why education regarding these issues has increased. We are protected by these threats by mandatory password changes once every three months, strong firewalls, and antivirus software. However, I would assert that my office is still not very protected against these threats. Password changes could be more frequent. Additionally, we do not backup data. We use quicken for our finance system, and this has never been backed up. If

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