The Importance Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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It is telling that Barney, Wright, and Patrick (1998) stated that over the years HR theorists and practitioners have attempted to investigate the factors that tend to influence profitability in a particular organization, and therefore, the resource-based view of an organization. One might argue that this was because over the years, human resource theorists and practitioners appear to have always upheld the notion that human resource (HR) function tends to play a critical role in an organization 's performance. Ironically, too frequently several organizational decisions appear to suggest what is described as relatively low priority in terms HR of a particular organization and its HR department (Barney et al., 1998). According to Barney et al.…show more content…
In essence, SHR involves constructing and applying what is described as a set of internally consistent polices and practice to ensure that a particular organization’s human capital adds to the accomplishment of its overall business objectives. One might argue that SHR is a broader perspective, in that; one does not focus on a particular HR practice that is used in isolation. Instead, one focuses on what is described as a bundle of HR practices implemented in combination with each other (Yao-Sheng, 2005). In addition, the behavioral perspective model of the SHR appear to claim that different types of strategies tend to require different behaviors and different HR practices to bring out and support those particular behaviors (Yao-Sheng, 2005). More importantly, since HR practices appear to comprise of the principal methods that one uses to regulate performance in a particular organization, as a set, one might argue that these methods demonstrate control (Yao-Sheng, 2005). Yao defined control as a process that might help align the action of an employee with the interest of one’s organization. As a result, HR practices might be combined into three types of control systems: output, behavior, and

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