The Importance Of Stay At Home Father

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Modern Day Today there are all kinds of father; as women have developed and become more self-sufficient over the years, some men have taken on their counterpart’s sworn job. Furthermore, many children grow up with their paternal father away for one reason or another. These cases include divorce/step-father, and adoption. Regardless of the situation, American Psychological Association (n.d.), there has been a complete overhaul of the traditional male breadwinner ideology suggesting that a father’s capacity to care for a child facing physical or psychological struggles has been refined to help promote the child’s social and emotional development. This reexamination of paternal influence on a father’s children is a huge improvement for both…show more content…
Stay at Home Father This small group of father’s generally stays at home fathers by their own free will, have experienced a small increase over the past half century. In 1970, thanks to Karen Kramer (2016) and her research with at home father families, in the United States there was a noteworthy 2% of stay at home fathers in a two parent household; nearly half a decade later this number had doubled to 4% in 2010. Many decisions, conducted by both paternal parents for the better of their children, go into what a lot of society has ridiculed for their disregard for social norms regarding male masculinity; these include the fathers own desire to be the primary caregiver, a reluctance of allowing a stranger look after their kid, or the educational potential of their spouse. Normal gender ideology states that men are the main bread winner, deal with the bills, and protect the family while their female counterpart takes care of the housework and…show more content…
In the events of a divorce, communication between father and child, if not awarded full custody, suffers greatly due to the circumstances; time spent is diminished greatly making it arduous to maintain the role of a parent. Although time is lost, American Psychological Association (n.d.) points out, “Fortunately, visitation of fathers post-divorce has increased over the past two decades. However, it is not the frequency of contact between father and child, but rather the quality of the visits that contributes to the child’s well-being”. Appropriate parenting, especially after a child experiences the separation of the two most influential individuals to them, is vital in maintaining proper child
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