The Importance Of Starbucks

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Saif Abdulqader
Why Starbucks?

Starbucks is known for its specialty coffee. Through its various value-added services, the company doesn’t only sell regular coffee but a unique taste. It differentiates coffee-drinking experience to its in-store customers and meets their implicit demand, which, in turn, helps it in surviving in the highly competitive foodservice retail space. Starbucks have done great achievements, through which customers were provided affordable price of coffee, with an excellent quality and friendly environment. They intended to prove for the customer that their main goal is customer’s satisfaction that has been ethically and responsibly achieved. Starbucks, in their annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, notes “customers
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Starbucks offers free, instant and unlimited Wi-Fi connectivity at all its company-owned stores across the world. The customers, who come for a drink or a snack, are encouraged to spend more time inside the store through free access to internet and the Starbucks Digital. Starbucks has lots of supportive projects in which they support various causes that makes people want to purchase from them more and more. For example, the article Starbucks corporation mentions in 2015, the company started a pilot project, ‘Green Apron Delivery’ at Empire State Building in New York. This new service allows people working in the Empire State Building to order a selected set of food and beverages through Starbucks’ website, which will be delivered within couple of minutes from the time order was placed. According to Dr. M. Sanjayan, Executive Vice President, Senior Scientist, Conservation International “When we started working with Starbucks in 1998, they certified 30 or 40 million pounds of coffee. Today, almost 400 million pounds–or approximately 96% of Starbucks purchases–are grown sustainably, in a way that protects nature and improves farmers’ livelihoods. That’s extraordinary, and it is fundamentally changing the industry.” (Starbucks Cooperation,2017). This is what made them socially responsible by keeping a balance between quality, price, and
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