The Importance Of Standardized Tests And Success

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Standardized Tests and Success
The definition of success and routes to success may be different, but it is undeniable that all people want to succeed in their lives. According to Malcolm Gladwell, success is seen as an achievement coming from hidden opportunities, effort, diverse backgrounds, or culture legacy, in life. However, I believe education is one of the factors that contribute the achievement of individual. There are flaws or inequalities in the United States’ education system, and one of these is the use of standardized test which is the issue that comes in between individuals and their successes. In order to increase the chance of success for individual, standardized testing should be revoked from the education because it does not measure the creativity and knowledge of students which play important roles for the one to succeed.
Standardized testing is not a reliable way to measure the performance because
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Because of the importance placed on how students perform on the standardized tests, teachers tend to alter the strategy; they use to offer instructions and also the content in the curriculum, so students can perform better on the tests (Karr-Kidwell, Meadows and Stacie 4). The tests discourage students who do not perform well even if they were performing well in their schools. For example, students perform well in their schools but this performance is not the same in the standardized tests. Most people who get good grades in school end up failing after they seat for the standardized tests (Boaler 503). The academic system fails to address poor performance in schools and concentrate more on how schools are rated in relation to the standardized tests. Students keep failing in schools, and they become less successful in life because they did not receive the help they needed in
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