The Importance Of Standardized Testing For Our Education System

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Equality is an ongoing battle in the US. The Civil Right Movement, Women’s Right, and Occupy Movement and only a few waves of people fight for the rights of equality. Standardize test are suppose to insure the same equality in our education system, but the idea is sweeter than the truth. The purpose of standardize test is to make sure that all students are learning the same material regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. The purpose of Colorado Department of Education is “all students in Colorado will become educated and productive citizens capable of succeeding in society, the workforce, and life” (cde, 2015). The concept, which seems ideal, is flawed in many ways. The idea of Standardized test is not as evil as we believe. The purpose of standardized testing to make sure that all students are learning the same material. Psychologist Piaget believes that people brain development is directly correlated the age, this idea manifested in standardized test many years later. In a perfect world there are no bias and everyone has access to educational tools need to be successful in life. The harsh reality is that many schools lack access to educational tools and standardized test scores shows the inequality of our educational system. Standardized test are based off the standards in which each states creates their own, which is equality within its self. What a first grade classroom in Texas is learning may not be the same thing a first grade classroom in Colorado is learning. Within each state there is a group of elected or voluntary group of people who outline guidelines on what they believe each child should be learning within their state. In Colorado our state Board of Education is made up of seven elected officials; on... ... middle of paper ... ...n in which schools test for the standards and the lack of support teachers a given to prepare students. Education overall has been compromised by the pressure force on teachers to teach to the test. In the US we must begin to think outside of the box to benefit a highly diverse group of students. By taking away testing we eliminate teacher forced to teach to the test and allowed Within this essay, I barely hit the tip of the iceberg of the issues surround of standardized test, like achievement gap, funding, teacher pay, but I hope this prove that we need a better way to determine the educational level of a child. Rather focusing on one test each year, states should look at a portfolio that showcase student progress throughout the year. Months of learning a cramp in to three days of testing, it is not possible for student to remember what they learned three month ago.

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