The Importance Of Staff Retention In The Hospitality Industry

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1.0 Introduction
The hospitality industry is undergoing and evolving radical changes globally. This industry is normally described as a “people business”, which is the business between the employees who produce the products or services and the people who pay and consume them. Each year, the hospitality industry generates billions of money and provides lots of work opportunities and new career to people with different backgrounds. Though it offers all these benefits, the hospitality industry is the highest turnover service industry. In this industry, 70 percent annual turnover is a typical phenomenon. The importance of retaining valuable employees becomes the hospitality managers’ priority as it may impact on the operation in several areas, including consistency and quality of service (Emmanuel, 2014). Therefore, it is inevitable that we have an understanding of the issues so that we can find a way to remedy problems on the horizon.
This report seeks to analyze the importance of staff retaining through two parts, the factors affecting staff retention and the impacts of staff retention. To retain employees, the report also offers some recommendations and finally, a conclusion will be given.
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If Companies fail in hiring talent workforce for the company, it may lead to horrible consequences because other companies may exceed them in the strategic human resource management. For human resource managers, the major is to retain and develop employees strategically. Nowadays, many researchers have realized that it is more useful to focus on staff retention factors rather than working on the reason why they leave.
2.1.1 Recruitment and

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