The Importance Of Staff Development

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Continuing education and staff development are key components in ensuring that nurses stay abreast with best practices and current trends in nursing. In nursing, staff development is required for scientific development, social change and advancement in medical science. Staff development specialists play an important role within the hospital organization by providing instruction to hospital personal, including doctors and other ancillary staff. They also develop and teach curriculum and theory and provide continuing education programs for all of the hospital's nurses. When new products are introduced to the origination, they educate all healthcare professionals within that organization (Dorin Michelle, 2010). For these reason, I chose staff development specialist as my preferred nurse educator role.
Defining the Position Selected Including Educational and Experimental Requirements
Staff development is a practice that is directed towards the professional and personal growth of a group or personnel after their employment by a healthcare agency. It involves education and training undertaken by the employer or professionals to improve skills, knowledge and employment attitudes (Jones, Benbow & Gidman, 2014). Most hospital-based staff-development specialists have an MSN degree, although some employers accept those with BSN credentials (Dorin Michelle, 2010). The National Nursing staff Development Organization (NNSDO) is one of the many organizations that foster the development of this profession by providing a forum to discuss topics and make decisions.
According to the American Nursing Association, staff development specialist must stay abreast to current trends and advancement in healthcare by maintaining current knowledge and compe...

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...r ship Program.
Experiences to be developed in Order to Meet the Role Expectations of the Selected Role
Nurse educators are expected to respond to a plethora of arising demands that come as a result of an ever changing and complex healthcare system (Diana Swihart, 2009). The staff development specialist of the modern world is required to reflect on unique skills, insights, knowledge and experiences at a global scale (Fraher, Ricketts, Lefebvre, & Newton, 2013). The new experiences that are required include project management, program and portfolio development, management of competencies, evidence based practice, relationship building, nursing practice excellence, return-on investment, and paradigms in continuing education (Bruce, 2009). These experiences are required for the present and the future of staff development modules and nursing profession at large.
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