The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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A red digital clock on the wall had begun to count down to zero. There is an utter stillness in the air and nobody within that room was making a sound. Most of us kept our heads down and let our music prepare us for what was to come as that clock continued to run. Our coach had come into the locker room with only a few minutes before the clock hit zero. We all had studied the game plan and knew what we needed to do. As a result, his message to us was short “Gentlemen, we have put in the work, travelled thousands of miles, we are ready. So lets go out there and leave it all out on the court.” After coach finished his speech we performed our pregame rituals before there was a knock on the locker room door. An official greeted us as we made our way into the tunnel. The distance from the locker room to the court was one of the longest walks that I have ever made. With every step…show more content…
Our daily schedules can consist of practice, workouts, rehab, film study, and then our academic studies. Without effective time management athletes can crumble educationally which leads to the stereotype that surrounds us. However, going into my first collegiate season I had come to terms with the fact that my volleyball career had now been assigned a four shelf life. Knowing that, I made it a personal goal to heavily invest in my academic career. I decided to pursue a relatively demanding major, History with a Secondary Education minor, ignoring the fact that many advisors and counselors informed me that this program would be near impossible to pursue in four years while playing a sport. I am pleased to say that I will graduate this spring with my degree in History and my minor, and license, in Secondary Education. Though volleyball itself did not educate me in the formal sense, the sport itself showed me how to truly go after the goals I set for myself and effectively manage my time in order to be

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