The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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Jenne Castellini once said, “Participating in sports at an early age actually benefits a lot of kids’ academics indirectly. A lot of parents take the approach that, if you’re not doing well in school, then you can’t play sports. That forces the kids to focus and also makes them get used to sticking to a regimen.” Although many people see sports and competition in school as distracting elements from academics, they come with many benefits and teach lots of valuable lessons. Many of the students who participate in school sports can take the lessons that they learn from competition, and use them throughout their whole life. Sports in school are very necessary for students and for the students’ well being during the school year. Participating in school athletics or school competitions gives students so much more than just being able to wear their certain jersey or uniform. Being apart of a team and competing with that team teaches many valuable lessons. It teaches kids to have self-discipline and how to be a leader. Being a good leader is a great quality…show more content…
The health benefits from playing sports are unreal. In his same article, Donté Stallworth said, “There are obvious health benefits as well. In the digital age, organized athletics is one of the best ways to combat the rise in childhood and adolescent obesity.” Participating in sports is a great way for students to exercise and workout. School sports help students stay healthy and fit throughout school, which will benefit them later in life. Also, in terms of applying for jobs and working in the future, participating in sports gives students an edge in getting hired. Kevin Kniffin said, “Hiring managers expect former student-athletes (compared with people who participated in other popular extracurriculars) to have more self-confidence, self-respect and leadership.” This can greatly benefit students in the
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