The Importance Of Sports In Athletics

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Sports for the Underestimated A citizen’s involvement in their community is crucial to a community’s survival. One of the many things that brings a community together is sports. Whether it be on the court or the field, Americans have a passion for sports of all types. Most Americans even have children who play some type of sport. Sadly, there are some children who do not have the pleasure of experiencing the joy of sports. These children are the children who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. Many sports programs do not cater to the needs of such unique disabilities, causing the children to be denied the excitement of teamwork and time with friends. Setting up a program in Bradford County to allow children with disabilities to experience…show more content…
Children participating in the program will have a choice to participate in any sport the program offers, or more than one if they choose. The children will be divided according to age and physical and mental capabilities. The program would follow the standard seasons such as football, basketball, and baseball. There would be regular practice every week in order to prepare the team for a game, and instill confidence and teamwork. This practice and social experience would allow child' class='brand-secondary'>the child to experience what it is like to work with teammates as a unit for a greater cause. As the child became accustomed to playing with this team some social anxiety will then, in turn, be relieved. The children then have the opportunity to grow in love for the sport and their teammates and begin to experience the feeling of joy that comes with sports. This program would not only benefit the child in a mental aspect, it would benefit them in a physical aspect as…show more content…
Many children with disabilities face bullying in their lifetime. Due to this bullying and ridicule the children may develop anger that they do not know how to release. The atmosphere of playing a sport would allow the children to use that aggression in the game. This would be a healthy outlet for the children to release any anger they may be holding on the inside. This program would teach children social skills that they may not learn in a typical classroom, or occupational therapy environment. Nevertheless there would be those who would disagree with the desires of this

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