The Importance Of Sports And Sports

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In today’s day and age academics have taken a backseat to athletics and sports in high school. It seems like more and more kids are becoming caught up in their own world of sports. They are getting this sense of entitlement just because they are considered gods on the gridiron or young Michael Jordan’s on the basketball court. Teenagers don’t seem to understand the importance of their education. They are taking it for granted and not realizing how lucky they are. The bad part about this is that teachers, the ones who of all people should be taking this the most serious, are allowing it to happen. They are becoming more and more lenient when it comes to turning in homework or getting a player a C before Friday’s big game. Parents put their kids in school to learn and hopefully go on and better their education. Today, more and more parents are forgetting what school is really about and they devote a lot of their time to their child playing AAU all year round. If we could get more teenagers to realize that sports are a privilege not a right, then they might come to realize the real reason they are in school. Our students ranking in education has a country has dropped dramatically. Obviously there are going to be kids that will go on to college on a scholarship and then make it to the professional level. The only problem with that is that the chances of that happening are slim to none. If the kids that are spending all of their time playing on AAU teams or travel ball would dedicate just a third of that time to their studies, our ranking in education may show a significant increase. In 2013 15 year olds failed to make the top 20 in students’ proficiency in reading and writing. Reports also say that students do not repo... ... middle of paper ... ...nger we allow this to happen, the worse it is going to get. Whether you’re the number one recruit in the country or getting picked last in gym, everyone should receive the same amount of time for work to be completed and shouldn’t be given any shortcuts. If they kids knew now how important school was they wouldn’t be making the mistake of taking it all for granted. You’re in high school for a reason, that reason being to learn and study and prepare for the real world. Yes sports are a lot of fun and can help kids later in life, but they are a privilege not a right and should be able to be taken away at any time from any athlete regardless of their athletic status or abilities. Maybe if younger kids seen this in older athletes they looked up to, it might just carry over and they would start taking school more seriously and put it at the number one priority.

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