The Importance Of Spirituality As A Guiding Force To Recovery?

In today society, the flesh and the spirit fight with each other for will and power. as an illustration, addiction occurs in many forms from sex, gambling, drugs, or alcohol etc., However, it the power within, the mind and body become weak falling prey, against the word of the bibles teachings. In reality, the spirit fights with the flesh to overcome the urges of addiction which sometimes the battle is lost to the flesh. with this in mind, the significances of incorporating religion or spirituality as a guiding force to healing, create a better way of treating clients towards recovery. Equally important, it opens the door to a higher power instilled in our human spirit, so that it comes together with the body to recover and know that man is…show more content…
Addiction consumes the mind and body, which embodies the likeness of a spiritual realm, however, it’s the demon in disguise. for this reason, interjecting spirituality and religion is important because spirituality goes beyond a particular religion people may feel or think of during their addiction. The connection between the professional and the client can experience a wholeness beyond both involved, however, their mind and soul must be open to renewing the soul for peace, while n the journey to recovery. “Important to realize, as a clinicians or prevention specialists the importance to educate, understand, respect, and explore as to how to best incorporate spirituality and religion into our work in order to assist clients in seeking the courage to make the journey into recovery”(DiClemente, 2013,…show more content…
all things considered, man cannot walk alone in any war or fight against demons, but with the will from God or a spiritual force even if it wasn’t there, in the beginning, it’s the hope with professional counseling, that the client experiences a spiritual awakening for life.

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