The Importance Of Speech Recognition

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1. Introduction
Speech is the most alluring medium of communication between the humans. There are several ways of characterizing the communications potential of speech. In general, speech coding can be considered to be a particular specialty in the broad field of speech processing, which also includes speech analysis and speech recognition. The purpose of speech coder is to convert an analogue speech signal into digital form for efficient transmission or storage and then to convert the received digital signal back to analogue. Nowadays, speech technology has matured enough to be useful for many practical applications. Its good performance, however, depends on the availability of adequate training resources. There are many applications, where resources for the domain or language of interest are very limited. For example, in intelligence applications, it is often impossible to collect the necessary speech resources in advance as it is hard to predict which languages become the next ones of interest.
Currently, speech recognition applications are becoming increasingly advantageous. Also, different interactive
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Fundamentally speech is made up of discrete units. The units can be a word, a syllable or a phoneme. Each stored unit of speech includes details of the characteristics that differentiate it from the others. Apart from the message content, the speech signal also carries variability such as speaker characteristics, emotions and background noise. Speech recognition differentiates between accents, dialects, age, genders, emotional state, rate of speech and environmental noises. According to Rosen (1992), the temporal features of speech signals can be partitioned into three categories, i.e., envelope (2-50 Hz), periodicity (50-500 Hz), and fine structure (500-10000 Hz). A method of generating feature signals from speech signals comprising the following
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