The Importance Of Special Needs

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“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” (Plato) The reason I chose the quote above was because I believe it is talking about not discouraging anyone academically, physically and mentally. I feel like there are so many children who have special needs that get discouraged by so many people. Children and adults who have a disability are marginalized by many people. There are multiple people that I have seen stare at someone with special needs like they are not even human. When someone looks at someone the way I have seen some people look at them, it breaks my heart. Every person has feelings, who cares what they look like, what color they are, or their race. Anyone can do anything they want if they put their…show more content…
Students who have special needs get to socialize with students who do not have a disability or even the same disability as them. In the article, Special needs programs and schools: a primer, Dwight states, “Some studies have found that including children with disabilities in the regular classrooms have better outcome for both students with and without disabilities.” (para 22) I believe that having students in a mainstream classroom their education can be better because they are in a room with different types of learners, they get to attend a regular class, and also for small children their excitement for school is unreal. Some problems with special needs students being in a mainstream classroom is that they do not receive as much one-on-one attention as some students may need. The student-to-teacher ratio in the classroom is usually one teacher to twenty students. The teacher has to keep his/her pace the same and cannot slow down for some students who need a slower pace, and will probably need to be re-taught or may fall behind. Another big issue with special needs students being in a mainstream classroom is most teachers are not going to be trained to teach students with special needs. In my high school experience since some teachers were not trained to teach student who have a disability, the school provides an aid to be in the classroom with the student. The aid being in…show more content…
In the article, Do Special Education Students Fare Better in Pull-Outs or Full Inclusion Classes? Marie Anderson says, “Pull-out classes may offer the best of both worlds for some special education students.” (para 4) I think that the students with special needs do get the best of both worlds with being in both classrooms. The students are receiving the education courses like their peers but are getting the extra help they need. Some downfalls are that when the students are leaving the classroom they may disrupt the class or may get embarrassed that they have to leave. When the students get pulled-out of class by someone or the school announces their name over the intercom for them to go another class, they have to take the “walk-of-shame.” No students likes the feeling of being stereotyped by their peers. I think that in the lower grades they are not stereotyped as much as in junior high or high school. In my education I have seen some students laugh at the students who are getting pulled from the regular class. I think that the teachers should not announce that they students need to leave to go to their other class but for the students to get up and leave when it is the time. In my high school experience I A+ for students who were in Title Math and me and the aid teacher would walk by the
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