The Importance Of Spanking

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1080 words

Spanking. It is a hotly debated topic, and everyone who has an opinion seems to have a strong one. It is either child abuse or it is a fundamental form of discipline. It is traumatizing or it is character-building. It is repugnant or it is commendable. Many have difficulty removing their emotions from such a controversial topic. I, myself, struggle to consider objectively a situation I’ve always deemed moral and paramount to a child’s development, but with the cruciality of raising the next generation, objectivity is imperative. Because children are wayward and often misunderstand instructions, parents must decide early on how they will discipline their child. This raises the controversial question: Should parents use corporal punishment …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that spanking is a hotly debated topic and that parents must determine the desired outcomes of discipline.
  • Opines that the purpose of spanking is to discourage similar behavior in the future, but children cannot change their behavior if they don't know what they need to change.
  • Explains that some parents worry about using corporal punishment in the home because it could negatively impact the child's emotional health. abusive environments are not conducive to a child’s learning environment.
  • Opines that it is not practical to determine corporal punishment's emotional impact on a large scale, but one can study the prevalence of mental health indicators to imply emotional health or lack thereof.
  • Recommends that parents consider their child's reasoning skills and response to different types of discipline when deciding whether or not to use corporal punishment.

Some believe that the disobedience of young children is typically a sign of a misunderstanding between the parent and child and suggest communication to clarify expectations rather than simply punishing children for their confusion (McCord 3). I agree to the extent that a misunderstanding should not be punished, but children often disobey knowingly and intentionally. While the opinion of experts is valuable in the consideration of disciplinary methods, frankly, most are too old to accurately remember how they felt about certain situations as a child. Instead, they turn to their research to explain children’s emotions, which are often misunderstood by that very child, let alone statistics and numbers that cannot possible accurately assess unquantifiable data. Because I am sixteen-years-old, closer to my childhood than experts, and have been spanked, thumped, and paddled more times than I could possibly count, my own perspective can be used to accurately represent that of children, whose opinions are often dismissed because of their youth. I can vividly remember instances in which I disobeyed knowingly and unknowingly and was punished. The innocent confusion that accompanied the stinging pain of being hit without knowing why was not only upsetting, but …show more content…

To quantify the emotional health of children who are spanked, one can assess their academic success. Abusive environments, which some consider inclusive of moderate corporal punishment, are not conducive to a child’s learning environment; however, whether or not children are spanked has no effect on their education (Levitt and Dubner 108). I was spanked frequently throughout my childhood and have always excelled academically. Even currently, my class rank is 13, so parents need not worry about corporal punishment affecting their child’s short-term or long-term

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