The Importance Of South On The South

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South is a place beyond our imagination to figure out said by Edward L. Ayers in What
We Talk about When We Talk about the south. South has an intense culture as different type of people are living here. These cultures are unique in their own way. The reading also talks about the culture of the south is disappearing day by day. The cultures have been leaking little by little.
The festivals what we celebrate today may not be celebrated after 20-25 years. After each successive time, something new is introduced and something old is disappearing. The culture that is important today may not be important after some period. He further says in his reading that his identity of southern is diminishing in each consecutive visit to his house. The way of doing the things is a bit
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He felt that the culture before a year was more typical than the culture now is which is why a typical southerner may not know a typical South.
Restaurant owner Robert St. John says “As long as I have lived in the south I have never eaten a possum. No one I know has eaten a possum. I have never been to anyone’s house who served possum. I have never seen possum offered on a restaurant menu and I have never seen possum in the frozen meat section of a grocery store” in the article Column causes the Great Possum
Predicament. Despite living in south for very long time he never knew that people eats possum in south. The trend that have been prevailed in the south but still the people who lives in south doesn’t know about it. There are many things that is prevailing in the south and people may not know that the thing is happening in their place. In the same way, there may be culture which was followed in the past and it is extinct now. This culture will may not know by the typical southerner. From my childhood, I used to eat meat but from the eyes of my religion we are not supposed to eat any meat which I do not follow. I am taught to eat from the beginning which is against

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