The Importance Of Software Project Management

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These studies were motivated to improve software project management capabilities. One area often underestimated but crucial for every software development project is project management. Project management is one of the key factors influencing the project success or failure. These studies were motivated by the company's goal to improve software project management. At first we conducted a study whose purpose was to assess and better understand the current practices and problems of software project management as well as how they impact software development projects. In case the interviewed project managers had managed more than one software project, they were asked to answer the questions for each of these software projects. This includes attributes…show more content…
To get an overall view of the project we reported summary information of the overall project effort, schedules, cost, and the total number of defects found. To analyze the influence of the participation of users and customers as well as the involvement of external staff on the software development project we measured quantitative factors such as effort, schedule, and cost of user, customer, and external personnel by tasks and for the total project. We collected information such as Project management training Methods and tools used for progress tracking Methods and tools used for cost tracking Methods and tools applied for controlling quality and productivity Risk management. We were also interested in measurement gene like what sort of prosody had been recorded during task development, whether these prosody had been adapted to the project characteristics, and what kinds of quantitative data on productiveness and software quality had been…show more content…
We have encountered that organizations did not systematically collect data on projects in order to use this information to estimate new projects and to control quality and progress of the current project. Some task director stated that their projects had no character assurance function at all. After we had identified the deficits of software project management as well asthe main problems project managers had to face in the examined projects, we proposed a project management improvement program to remove or at least to reduce those deficits. The company must set up training programs on project management to improve the qualification of project managers. To enable effective undertaking direction project managers need to learn what selective information must be included in project plans, position and quality

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