The Importance Of Social Work

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In addition, in module two, I learnt that AOP in not a resolution to injustice that continued to perpetuate in our community. It was determined that possibly AOP is not anti-oppressive, which correspond with the enormous power social workers has over their client/service users. Service users become disempowered if confronted by a racist social worker who already has a power bestowed on them, leading to an oppressive act/action whereby the person disassociated from the social worker who is responsible for their wellbeing.
The intergroup dialogue channel a new learning for me in the sense that I am able to read other people’s experience, comment, and learn. Some of my classmates described their experience while others talked about a situation
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A medical model does not study an individual holistically. Stubblefield (2009) states “According to the medical model, what makes people either normal or disabled is the way their bodies and mind function. “Normal” people have a damaged or dysfunctional bodies or minds” (p. 106). This notion seems not the best as it conflicts with many factors. Moreover, it remains best to evaluate an individual holistically to assess various forms of ecological elements that can stymie the progress of that…show more content…
Reflecting on group discussions, class discussions, readings, and audio lecture, I ascertained there is an enormous correlation between being a woman and LGBTQ in the sense that both experienced intersectionality discrimination in the community. What does it mean when the tools of a racist patriarchy are used to examine the fruits of that same patriarchy? It means that only the most narrow perimeters of change are possible and allowable (Lorde, 2001, p. 89). What this avowal signifies is that as a black woman or LGBTQ, discrimination and powerlessness is prevalent in this minority group, it will be extremely challenging to defy the oppression encountered by these groups and if at all, they grant them any audience of modification it will be a very microscopic change. Indeed, Lorde is very much correct with her statement. However, acceptance of women equalling to men and the acceptance of LGBTQ is still ongoing issues and controversial one in the community. We must try to change the dominant discourse that oppresses and marginalize this group. Aren’t they part of the human race? Why must the dominant groups rendered them powerless and discriminate against them…is it written anywhere in the constitution that these groups should not be treated equal? I am very much sure that it is a way of containing power and limiting it to just the dominant
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