The Importance Of Social Work

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In todays society of world is made up of four social classes which consist of the upper class, this group is made of big manufacturing companies also inherited wealth families. The second group; known as the middle also called the white collar workers which are citizens highly educated and professional workers with a high income salary. Third, is the working class which makes up the vast majority of our society because with out this group our market system will crash. This group also makes up a number of college students who work to make there way up the social class chain. Last leaves the lower class; this class usually consist of families that have a hard time making in society. Not realizing that most of our college students usually make…show more content…
Most high rollers of the high class usually started off as a member of the working class. They had to prove why they were to be such great members of running such a well run establishment. And once proven they were to up hold they promise. But, sometime we have things that hinder us from achieving that type of status. Which bring me to the body marking of tattoos in the work place. Most candidates who try to apply for high power jobs or maybe even middle class jobs have the hardest time obtaining these positions because of these marking that may have a certain significance of some sort. Employees’ claims could have been coupled with religion (as in Reed’s case); national origin (e.g., tattoos common to Polynesian cultures); sex, if policies were applied differently to men than women (e.g., women can wear earrings, but can men wear “gauges” that gradually elongate the ear lobe?); and even free speech in the case of a hospital nursing assistant who had a tattoo that stated “HIV Positive” (Modern Healthcare, 1993, Bartley, 1999) that he claimed allowed him to talk about safe sex.” (Osland 2014” There are so many flaws within our business society to where this can all be stated as discrimination. Because who are we to say that a person’s tattoo is not a right of their own personal business. I personally cannot see any harm that may bring to a associates working

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