The Importance Of Social Values In Education

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The consequences of avoiding teaching values in schools are serious problems for students. Students tend to get in conflict when it is time to make choices that it can be regarding their future. The future of students can be compromised by the lack of social values in them. Many incidents can be avoided by educating students social values in school. All of the sources used for this paper are a great justification of why teaching social values in school are indispensable for the future of the students. These sources stated that the lack of social values in some cases promotes students to end up being youthful offenders and pregnant adolescent mothers. At the same time, the lack of social values makes students do not have a stable self-esteem;…show more content…
Specially, we see this in the younger generation; for instance, no showing respect for other people, lack of tolerance for people who think different than them or simply not having a self-discipline to make the right choices are enforcing them to believe that what they are doing is right. We are witnesses of how almost every day the lack of social values is affecting the development of the students, our children, to succeed in life. Respect, tolerance, equality, and honesty are some of the social values that build a strong and secure personality of any individual. Therefore, the absence of these values leads in some case to terrible consequences in the life of any human being. Violence, crimes, drugs, youth pregnancy are some of these consequences. Even though, amount of signs proves that these dangerous causes are the effects of not displaying social values, we still have people that are against to promote social values in schools. If society does not want to keep seeing these deceitful results because the lack of social values, we need to consider implementing social values in school. Teaching social values in schools will ensure in students to have a stronger self-esteem, to have self-respect and respect to others, and to be tolerance; consequently, it will prevent students in making the wrong decisions towards their…show more content…
On the contrary of these individuals, Slater (2008) declares that “there is always a desire to separate the teaching of values from the teaching of reading, writing, and mathematics, the so-called value neutral subjects. But we have learned, and every parent who has done homework with his child knows, that like it or not, we teach values in the course of teaching these subjects.” Believe or not, when parents send their children to school, they think that their kids are only going to learn the traditional school subjects such as mathematics or science, but the truth is that in every aspect of school; students are going to learn in a way social values. Parents need to reflection and understand about this situation. They have to comprehend that the goal of teaching values in schools is to protect our children for future situations that can have an emotional impact their life. By teaching social values in schools, teachers not only educate our children how to think and solve problems, they also inform children’s beliefs about what is right, good, and important in life, sharping their values in the
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