The Importance Of Social Research

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Research is part and parcel of today's life, especially from an academic and professional perspective. Social research can be ideally defined as a practical activity targeted towards answering research questions by the use of research strategies including conducting a research design involving data collection and analysis and development of appropriate conclusions. Social research is an appropriate method of collecting information and presenting need for a particular argument. According to Walliman, (2006), the concept of social research therefore requires proper understanding in regards to the strategy utilized, the design employed, as well as the method used in conducting a particular study so as to ensure that the outcome is as valid and…show more content…
Social research has remained one of the vital tools that researchers utilize in the bid to understand numerous concepts of social importance. Williams and Vogt (2011) observed that the value of social research lies in the bulk of benefits that it poses especially when conducted appropriately to come up with incredibly useful information that once appropriately utilized can bring about social change in the society (Williams & Vogt, 2011). Social research, for example, contributes positively towards numerous issues in the society today. Social research in this regard plays a major role in the understanding of various concepts including the idea of how human life interacts with various aspects of the society. Social scientists, in this regard, utilize social research methodologies to analyze issues such as the effects of poverty on other elements of life such as crime and…show more content…
Analysis has shown, for instance, that social research data is often utilized by government agencies and organizations to help promote decision-making where possible. Firms desiring to understand, for instance, the purchasing trends of the public, normally turn to social research tools. The data obtained from such results is normally utilized appropriately across numerous fields of both economic and non-economic importance (Gorard & Taylor, 2007). Social research tools have also tremendously contributed towards understanding various notions surrounding households. The concept, for example, of social research on various aspects of social importance in households such as expenditures as well as trends can be utilized by social scientists aiming at understanding various aspects of sociological
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