The Importance Of Social Networking

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This article covered many of the major topics that appear when social networking is examined. One personal concern that comes to my mind, because of the age of my students is their safety. The article mentioned how even though there are many benefits to social networking for adult users, the safety of the students should still be a priority of the teacher and parents. It also states that most social networking sites are "designed for users 13 years old or older" (2013). With that said, the users are not always the recommended ages. According to Weeden, Cooke, and McVey this brings up concerns such as, sexual solicitation, online harassment, and problematic contact. Each of these can create consequences for the students, which most likely came from an innocent act. Also the lack of knowledge or awareness of the consequence that are present could be the cause of those occurrences. This is when both the teachers and parents need to take responsibility for educating the students on the safety of working online, specifically on social network sites. The article continues to expla...
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