The Importance Of Social Media On College Students

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With the internet being a major source for information, it is evident that people will turn to this medium when searching for a specific thing. This superhighway of information allows for instantaneous exchange of material to and from any part of the world. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are excellent in enhancing the interaction and social dimensions of mass communication.
Technology is constantly evolving. Nowadays we are so connected with the media, which has made a huge impact on our daily lives and the way we interact with each other. Through the media, culture and ideals are transmitted. Both the internet and social media for students acts as an information gathering tool. Social media networks people into
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But as entertaining as social media is for college students, it can be just as beneficial for politics and businesses as well. When it comes to these two things, it is important that they understand students’ social media habits in order for them to be able to target the college demographic. There is a lot that must be learned about this particular group, and a good way of doing so is by observing and analyzing their usage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. By integrating social media into their marketing strategy, it will benefit them in many ways and also allows them to gain the most interaction from this desired…show more content…
This can also have a positive impact and influence in their participation both civic and politically. According to the article “Young Adults ' Online Participation Behaviors: An Exploratory Study Of Web 2.0 Use For Political Engagement,” younger adults are part of a group who is underrepresented in the American electorate and other political activities (Bridges, 164). Social media not only helps with raising awareness about issues that college students are concerned about, but it also offers them opportunities to get involved. The article also mentioned that recent events have shown that young people can be well-appointed with both popular campaigns and the use of new communication paths to partake in elections (Bridges, 164). In addition, Bridges also talked about how there have been studies that show that those who are engaged more with the internet are displaying tendencies of political involvement. For example, in an article called “Killing The Bill Online? Pathways To Young People 's Protest Engagement Via Social Media,” it mentioned that 42 percent of all adults under the age of 30, use social media for political purposes (Macafee, 579). The use of social networks for political engagement has even gone international, with other countries showing that there’s a link between the use of the Internet (social media sites) by governments, leading to an increase
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