The Importance Of Social Media

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With all of the tweeting, blogging, posting and sharing going on in our society today it comes as no surprise that social networking seems to be taking over, in more ways than one. Although having the availability of technology at our fingertips is a definite benefit to everyday life, the overall impact is less than desirable. In the world of professional journalism specifically, it seems that social media and technology have stolen the journalism thunder within the last several years. The Oxford English Dictionary defines journalism as “The activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television” (Definition of Journalism in English). Although journalism is still a prestigious career, it is becoming lesser every time a “citizen journalist” tweets or posts about the happenings of the world before the professionals even have a chance. A citizen journalist is anyone who collects and analyzes information and news using the internet, and more specifically, social media. If this is true many people could be technically considered citizen journalists and not even know it (DeMers). Because the use of smart phones, tablets, and laptops are becoming incredibly common, it is literally with the swipe of a finger that many of us can be on the internet seeing first-hand what is going on in our world at that exact moment. Whether or not the news received on social networking sites is quality information remains to be seen in many cases, however, quality or not, social media is instant gratification. Journalists have to compete with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook especially with younger generations (Cormack). Competing with a citizen journalist is not in the...

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...upport and more information, so did these journalists. Rowena Cormack, for Social Media Frontiers, stated “The changing consumer perception of news and the desire for real-time updates has encouraged journalists to step into their roles in situations like this, live-tweeting from the scene and updating readers with vital information on the events” (Cormack). Although social media may seem in many cases to take the cake for up to date news in a time of need, journalists and citizen journalists alike can come together for the betterment of the people. After all, the news is for the people to begin with. Social media is far from concluding their expansion; however, that does not in any way mean that the future for journalists’ is ending. As social media continues to develop new ways to communicate with people around the world, so will print media journalists.
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