The Importance Of Social Media

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Succeeding in today’s connected planet, we need to build a community around our brand and services. During the past decade, the social media following has become the main form of business understanding, used to recognize, anticipate, and react to customers’ behaviors. Paying attention to what DC FightsAIDS customers, rivals, reviewers, and followers are saying about DC FightsAIDS is essential to getting amazing results from our social media campaign. Social Media has countless tools out there, contributing many opportunities to analyze, measure, and display, about the business commitments and achievements. Analyzing the existing media showed that DC FightsAIDS is doing well with the buzz but it is time to have new sources of media that will allow us to gain the resources we need, while also building a considerable money supply against sudden events or bumps in the road. It is important to know our audience and narrow them down into categories so that we can better understand how to effectively reach each person. We know our audience and what they look for in being educated and knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS and other STI’s. Every day we come up with strategies to keep our clients coming back and develop creative ways to gain new ones. First we figured out how to leverage our relationship with our clients, and their vast network of friends. We also chose to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on getting young people tested and connecting those who need to be into care. We always make sure we are visible and available to meet the client’s wants and needs. By targeting young people, it helps gain more buzz because young people share mostly everything to others through conversation, blogs, social media... ... middle of paper ... noticed by everyone. So we at DC FightAIDS use social media as well as outside media networks like magazines, newspapers, and the local TV news and radio stations to use as our marketing campaigns for our product and services. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram as well as other social sites are great ways to campaign and drive traffic to DC FightAIDS brand and products. It provides the business with a plethora of options that will let DC FightAIDS build an appealing idea in a variation of media styles to build our audience so that we can become more diverse. The great thing about social media is new social media sites. New social media sites are created all the time which gives Living Social more publicity each day so that we are able to expand our services and help boost sales and create new business for years to come.
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