The Importance Of Social Life

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Even though I felt bad for myself because I realized no one genuinely cared for me, there was two people who cared for me deeply that I pushed out. The two people that cared for me and my success, was my parents. I didn’t realize they were pushing me and putting pressure on me because they wanted the best for me, which was success. Success in their eyes was doing well in school and volleyball so I could go to and succeed in college. I misunderstood their “overwhelming pressures” and all their efforts to help me reach my potential. I saw them and their caring efforts as disturbances to my main need, my social life. My annoyance towards my parents and my failure to see their kindness represents my negative mindset and attitude I acquired…show more content…
I actually told my mom I “hated” her at times because she wouldn’t let me do what I want, which resulted in us not talking for five months. My mom wouldn’t let me “do what I want” in many different ways. She monitored my medication by giving me one pill a day and not letting me have the prescription bottle, which was smart of her because she knew I was giving them away. This agitated me because I couldn’t get away with doing something probably illegal and potentially harmful to others. I didn’t realize or care about the consequences of giving prescription medications away because I just wanted to make my “friends” happy. As I mentioned my social life and being accepted was very important to me. I didn’t understand my mom was only trying to protect me from getting in trouble and possibly losing my opportunities in the future if I got caught. In turn, my dad became more…show more content…
My dad and I had always gotten along better, never disagreed with each other or got in screaming matches, until this dreaded senior year. I couldn’t even get along with my sweet, affectionate father because I developed such a bad attitude. When I say I disobeyed their rules, I mean their rules didn’t even apply to me. I completely disregarded them and did the opposite of what they told me to do. They set a curfew as to when I should come home at night in which I was an hour or more late. They always pushed and encouraged me to play volleyball because I was good and it would help me get into college, which it did. I was so unhappy and checked out, I didn’t play club volleyball for the first time in six years. My parents thought it best for me to play volleyball to prepare me for high-level collegiate sport, but I had no desire due to my altered mind set and diminished motivation. A negative mind set and low motivation can be signs of depression. Everyone could sense my low desire and unwillingness to do things, suggesting I was depressed. I would get so irritated and deny it every time. I know now that I was, indeed, clinically depressed. The idea that my parents were working against me made me dislike everything and everybody in my life,
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