The Importance Of Social Interview

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Interview Introduction To accomplish the requirements of this paper, an individual is selected as a respondent to conduct the interview. The selected person is a lady who is a social worker and work for the betterment of the social people. She also believes in the achievement of social obligations. She is only selected because she has given her consent to take participation in the interview rather than the other selected members for the interview. To conduct the interview in an acceptable manner, a pre-developed set of questions is used that helped the respondent to provide her response to each question. Part II The Response of the Selected Respondent Answer 1: In the regard to question 1st, she laughed first and answered that she is still single but she would like to do marriage when a good person will approach her. But she will think of…show more content…
•Do you believe that single person or non-married individual gets support from his or her social life in living a considerable lifestyle? •Do you support that an active person as like you has a good mental health? •Do you think that daily routine workout helps you in making improvement in inner strength as well as the physical strength and help you in addressing the stresses? •Do you accept that your present social recognition among your society positively motivates your followers to follow you? Conclusion On the basis of the above conducted interview, it is concluded that a social person does not get a high level of recognition in his or her society but also maintains mental and physical health. As a result, he/she can manage their stress to live a better life. It can also be concluded that the social people should perform his/her obligations to improve the participation in the societal activities. The respondent has given the answers of pre-set questions with enthusiasm and honesty, so the knowledge of social working has been
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