The Importance Of Social Class On Social Media

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In society there are different types of jobs and with the different type come different level of paying jobs. Then with the different level of pay, comes a different class. There tends to be most commonly known an upper class, middle class, and a lower class. The category where most Americans fall into is the middle class. The thing with social class’ that it causes a bit of division within people. As much as we would like to prevent these problems money or race may cause there honestly is not much we can do. All these things, even though we may not think so, play a huge role into not just our lives. They also influence our internet use and what social media we use.
Watkins focused on how our social class plays a huge role into what we use on the internet, specifically social media. Our social class plays a huge role into those that we surround ourselves with. We like to surround ourselves with people we actually have things in common with. Race and Ethnicity play a role in the same way by who we surround ourselves with. We surround ourselves with people we have these things in common, because we feel they’re the same as us. We have things in common, and because of that we are comfortable around them. Why would we want to surround ourselves with people that we have almost nothing in common?
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Watkins’ focused in part on how our level of education also plays a role into what sites we use. The other reason we use certain site is cause we hear that certain cite has “weird people” or fake accounts. For example on Conan O’ Brien, him and Dave Franco used an app called Tinder and used their own pictures, but under other names. Even though they had what people thought were fake pictures they still talked to them. It all depends on what we allow our mind to think of the site, based on what we have heard others say about
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