The Importance Of Soccer Players

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Are soccer players not humans after all? Nervous breakdowns, throwing up before games, and missing penalties on the biggest occasions can all be very common for a player who is mentally weak. It might sound simple to say that soccer players are professionals who are paid hefty wages and hence, should handle nerves comfortably. However, it is always easier said than done because pressure gets to everyone. Even the best of the best have had nerves get to them at some point in their career. Does this mean we need to look deeper into the psychological side to soccer? The pressure of being a professional soccer player is huge. The attention from the media, the wages demanding great performances and the high expectations from a fan base that is ready to jeer you for any small mistake can make life impossible for a professional. This means that soccer players need to be really strong mentally because nerves can get to just about any player. The pressure of delivering success on the biggest of stages can be extremely hard to cope with. 12th of July, 1998. Ronaldo ‘El Fenomeno’ Nazario was a gem of a player. He had the world at his feet at just 21 years of age. This player was something special; something soccer had never seen before and at the mere age of 21,…show more content…
Come the biggest of occasions, only the players who can keep their composure and perform on the most demanding stages can go down as the true greats. One mental breakdown and a country lose the opportunity to lift the world cup. Credit to Ronaldo though, he came back four years later to not only win Brazil the world cup but also score 8 goals in the process. If something similar happened to any other player, his career would probably be over right there and then. It takes a lot of courage to come back from something like this. It can completely destroy you emotionally and the fact that Ronaldo not only came back, but starred on the way to World cup glory speaks

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