The Importance Of Soccer

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Watching the sport or playing the sport, Soccer, popularly called football, is a sport that is captivating to the eye. If I was asked to describe soccer to a person with no knowledge about the sport well this is what I would say, the game of soccer is more sophisticated than the average sport. This is the only sport where physicality is not the only factor that influences the game. Not only that, soccer is the only sport apart from the Olympics that makes the world put aside their difference and unit for a cause. Moreover it is among the few sports like running that does not discriminate based on financial status, because a ball is the only equipment used in this sport.
There are many aspects of the game like physicality that a player must needs to be effective when he or she is playing for example, a player needs to be skillful, and a basic requirement for the sport is juggling the ball. Another aspect of the game is mental toughness. For example, sometimes in a game, a goalkeeper is left alone with a striker of the opposite team; it is the job of the striker not to succumb to the pressure of the millions of people watching. Although soccer
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Soccer teams are family, it makes a spectator feel like he is part of something big, and losing is a part of the game that no one likes. However, a positive side to being a spectator is a proven study that says sports teams can boost your self-esteem, especially If the team you support wins a lot. There are many sports out there to pick out but the reason why I choose soccer as my main sport is because, In Soccer, there is no manual telling a player where you should take the ball. Soccer is like drawing you have a goal to success and it’s up to your creativeness that will determine how successful you will

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