The Importance Of Slavery In America

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After living in years of peace, one event changed American history. The Americans were living a glorious life, but as arguments started to arise, the country began to split apart. Since the beginning of country, slave labor has been of important use. Many states in the North slowly started to abolish slavery, but the South did not want to end slavery. As more states joined the United States, debates grew if they should be free states or slave states. Many Southern states argued for the balance of slave and free states. Many people tried to compromise, but nothing would satisfy both the North and South. In the end it was brother against brother, in the fight for freedom! In 1846, David Wilmot of Pennsylvania proposed to Congress that they ban slavery in all territories that might become part of the United States. This was called the Wilmot Proviso. The Wilmot Proviso caused great concern in the South and increased a great bitterness between the North and South.Many supporters of slavery viewed the Wilmot Proviso as an attack to end slavery by the North. The controversy over the Wilmot Proviso led to the arise of a new political party. Many Whigs and Democrats wanted to take a strong stand of the debate over slavery. They joined together to form a new party, the Free-Soil Party. The Free-Soil Party choose Martin Van Buren as its presidential candidate. Senator Lewis Cass also proposed a solution that he hoped with fix the argument. He suggested letting the people decide whether to allow slavery or not. Both Cass and Van Buren do poorly in the election, and General Zachary Taylor was elected as president. The invention of the cotton gin made cotton very profitable in the South. The South depended on cotton,and soon became an on... ... middle of paper ... ...white framers became dependent on local merchants to sell their goods to other people. However, the landowners still complained about a "labor shortage." The sharecropping system emerged as the dominant labor system in the South. The sharecropping system was a system of agricultural in which a landowner would allow a tenant to use their land. African Americans started to rent individual plots to do their own work. The share cropping system placed a premium on utilizing the labor of all the family members in the family. The civil war was a start of a new era. Colored people were still treated unequally, but they were no longer forced to work on cotton or other crop farms. The civil war had a long lasting effect on our nation. The United States lost many lives fighting in this war, but in the end it ended slavery and the division between our country.
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