The Importance Of Shoes

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Stylish men carry themselves with oodles of confidence but the style and confidence would just not define the man’s character if he had no proper shoes to go along with his attire. Shoes are the first thing that are to be noticed, if you meet someone for the first time then make sure to wear well fitted, polished and shiny shoes that suit your attire and style as they not only define your character but also creates a sense of respect whereas a pair of clumsy shoes worn would put across a very untidy impression on the other person. One should always try and dress according to the occasion and make sure that the shoes that are worn are not a misfit with the clothes that are put on. To look stylish, tasteful and masculine-shoes should be streamlined as the…show more content…
3 Dress boots are a must for everyman who indeed wants to make his presence felt. 4 Work boots are a college boy’s delight, they tend to add on style to the casually dressed boys trying to make a statement in college and not to forget impressing girls would definitely be an easy task for this stylish bunch. 5 Boat shoes are for men who hate to wear socks. This pair of shoes gives a timeless classic look that pretty much matches with just about anything. 6 Flip flop sandals are the ultimate summer shoes which are comfortable to the feet and also add style. 7 Casual street sneakers are like the second feet a- amust needed pair to perform day to day activities with much ease. 8 Loafers are the shoes that every man needs. They go very well with semi-formal outfits.Some come with tassels, some come with buckles, and some are just plain leather. They are made up according to different men with varied styles and tastes. 9 The chukkas are cool yet sober a perfect pair to be worn for date or weekend parties.Chukkas look great with khakis or jeans in an office
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