The Importance Of Sexism In Sports

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It’s the first day of my last semester in high school. In my town, we sign up for new classes ever semester, and this time I chose to signup for a sports marketing class. I thought it would be a fun and easy class to take for my last few months of school. My friends told me to take another class, because I would probably be the only girl, but I didn’t care. Sports had always been one of the main interests in my life, and I hoped this course would help me decide if I wanted to go the sports marketing route in college. Furthermore, I had taken a class with the same teacher before, specifically personal finance last semester. Mr. Smith was the assistant coach to our state champion baseball team, therefore I trusted his opinion and also knew from experience any class with him would be an easy A. The day so far had already been gruelingly tiring and mentally exhausting.…show more content…
According to the Carbado reading, “Our identities are reflective and constitutive of systems of oppression. Racism requires white privilege. Sexism requires male privilege. Homophobia requires heterosexual privilege” (Carbado 191). In this instance, the male students in the class were privileged, and I was facing the sexist environment of being a female in a sports culture. The male students will never have to face judgment for their interest in sports or negative suggestion from their teacher. In fact, in most cultures it’s actually presumed that men like sports, as it’s part of and heightens masculinity. Thus, a time where a male is facing judgment for their interest in sports is unlikely, and conveys the male privilege that the other students in my sports marketing class received. Simply by identifying as male, the others in the classroom were benefiting from privilege because there was not a chance for their presence to potentially be
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