The Importance Of Sex Education

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Do you understand what can happen due to the lack of sex education? Teenage girls are becoming pregnant and mothers at a very young age. Mostly everyone participating in sexual intercourse is acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. The lack of sex education to students and young people bring many problems to them. If these people were to be educated about this matter, it is possible to avoid all the consequences that come with sexual intercourse.
Sex education is the teaching of knowledge and skills that are associated with sexuality. (Sinclair Intimacy Institute, pg. 1) Late Dr. Douglas Kirby stated that in order for a sex education class to be effective it needs goals, teaching methods, and age appropriate resources. One also needs basic, accurate information, how to avoid risks, activities that help with peer pressure, decision-making, and communication. Most importantly it needs well-trained teachers that believe in the program. (Implementing Sex Education, pg. 3)
There are many people that think young people need to learn about sexuality at an earlier age as a result of teens becoming pregnant. “A 1999 survey conducted by Hickman-Brown Research Inc. found that 93 percent of all Americans believe sex education should start in high schools and 84 believe it should be taught in middle or junior high schools.” (The Sex Ed Debate, pg. 2). Sexuality is a part of everyone’s life. Sex education informs students and young people about topics that are associated with sexuality. As these young people start to mature they should become aware of the consequences that will come with sexual intercourse. The only way they will learn about the certain consequences that they might receive as a result of sexual intercourse is by obtaining a...

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...gion. Students on the other hand are sometimes uncomfortable or feel out of place talking about their sexuality in front of a class full of their peers.
Sex education went from an unimportant issue to a greatly important matter. Media is a dominant factor in the lives of young people. Teenagers are inspired by movies, tv, internet, and lyrics from music which most of it contains graphic sexual content. With that, sex education educators need to find a new strategy on how to inform students of the risks with sexual activity that media does not provide. (How Should Sex Education Be Taught In Schools, pg. 24) These young people think they know what they are doing when they participate in sexual intercourse, but do they really? That is until they are blindsided when girls find out that they are pregnant or when boys and girls receive a sexually transmitted disease.

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