The Importance Of Service In Service

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What is service? Why do you participate in service? My passion of helping community is within reach through challenging work and dedication I was always told from parents and elders that one can achieve their dreams through challenging work and dedication. I had not given much thought to this until I came across a homeless person standing in the middle of the road asking for help on one snowy cold winter day. I just started thinking about the life of homeless people and how they are not as fortunate as most of us and don’t get their own place to live, their choice of food to eat and several other amenities that we all have. I started thinking deeply and my thoughts to help the homeless expanded to other areas and I kind of wanted to start helping the community around me whenever and however possible. This experience led me to carry out several ventures. One of my first venture was helping in food bank where I helped to pack food and transport it to several organizations and people in need. It was hard to balance my school work with volunteering since I had to go in the evenings but I made up my mind to work hard! I started feeling a sense of accomplishment. It was summer and our family was very busy getting ready for a vacation to India. I was excited too since I was going after many years and vaguely remembered my previous trip. I always imagined the tourist parts of India and never thought about the poverty and other social issues. Things were lot different than I imagined and it took me few days to realize what was going around me. When I got up one morning, my maid was busy cleaning the dishes and I started a conversation with her. She started talking about how she goes around cleaning around fifteen houses every morning af... ... middle of paper ... ... in an organization to pack Christmas gifts for the under privileged kids .It was holiday season and I initially had planned to visit a lot of fun places during the break but when I got this opportunity, I made up my mind to help the people in need and dedicate my vacation for helping people in need. I also collected handmade greeting cards and visited few elderly homes and helped with distributing the greeting cards. My motivation to help the community again made this within reach. With all the experiences I have so far, I really think it requires a lot of dedication and motivation to help make our community around us better and I take this as a challenge to educate the younger generation and motivate people around me to get better at helping the community. I believe when there is a good support from the community, helping each other will always be within reach.
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