The Importance Of Senior Year Of High School

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A former classmate of mine that graduated and moved on to college told me that senior year is the easiest year of high school. I disagree. So far, senior year has challenged me more than any year by far. It is easy for me to say that senior year has started slightly different than originally anticipated. However, it is gearing me towards a second semester I will never forget. Motivation and grades contribute to the ways in which my final year of high school has differed from my original visions, while how fast the year is going does not surprise me in the slightest. Coming into the year thinking that I would need motivation to finish just the first semester of my senior year never crossed my mind. I assumed this year would be no different than the rest. However, four months of school later and I am struggling to find the motivation to do a simple five problem physics assignment. When the older kids would talk about, “senioritis” I had no idea what they meant. Little did I know it is very much a real thing which affects me majorly. Kat Cohen says in her article, “The Truth About Seni...

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