The Importance Of Self Image

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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see Cinderella or does the image of the ugly stepsister appear? What image of yourself do you carry around in your mental space? We must always begin with the reflection in the mirror, because what we see when we look in the mirror determines how we live. A healthy self-image is necessary if we are to see ourselves as a beautiful unique creation, and not just some average woman, man, boy, or girl. It’s especially important for parents to teach their young about self-image so that they are comfortable in their own skin, and with what they see in the mirror. Let us spend more time learning to like what we see in our mirrors, and showing ourselves some love. Stand naked in front of that mirror…show more content…
Valuing ourselves, and believing that we are worth something, should manifest in our visual image, as well as our spiritual persona, but do beware. There are a plenty of folks dressed up, looking good, but feeling bad. The battle is about us as individuals finding a way to live our lives authentically, while remaining true to ourselves. Each one of us possesses the power within us, to create the life we desire and imagine for ourselves. However, we tend to create based on what we see, and in this case how we see ourselves. When the mind is in alignment with body and spirit, this connection allows us to operate in our power with confidence and precision. We must at least learn to like who we are, and think well of ourselves. Understanding who we are is vital if we are to feel empowered enough to create a design for our lives that is pleasing to us. It is impossible to feel worthy and good about ourselves if we are wishing, and wanting to be someone. Creating a healthy self-image, and a life we desire will take some practice, and require that we put some thought into what makes us happy. The life we desire is waiting for us, all we must do is make up our minds, that we are tired of living a masquerade and take off the
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