The Importance Of Self-Ecognicy Essay

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Self-efficacy is the confidence a person has that he / she can do well in the learning process. According to Chamot (1999), self-efficacy forms the foundation of self-esteem and learning motivation. “Self-efficacy refers to learners’ beliefs about their own abilities to accomplish a task”(Chamot, 1999, p.62). It is the learners’ perception of their ability of solving learning problems and their confidence in completing tasks. Self-efficacy refers to the estimation people have of their aptitudes to arrange and finish actions required to attain set goals. Self-efficacy is changeable depending on the reaction a learner has to the tasks and his perception of self (Wong, 2005; Zimmerman, 2000). Self-efficacy is important in language learning because it promotes commitment in the learning process and, fosters good results and hard work. Zimmerman, et al (1992) indicate that students’ sense of their potential to achieve academic tasks, specifically, their self-efficacy beliefs, predict their competence to accomplish such tasks. Self-efficacy plays a key role in the language learning processes because it boosts learners’ confidence and allows learners to view themselves as successful, self-controlled and metacognitive aware learners. That means, learners…show more content…
When students are asked to complete an assignment, it is possible to observe their behaviors, attitudes and the mechanisms they use to overcome obstacles and cope with unexpected situations. It certainly empowers learners to recognize their own personal judgments providing educators with valuable information to know their own pupils’ self-efficacy strategies and use them as a source to foster
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