The Importance Of Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation dentistry is great for anyone who’s in need of a tooth extraction. This is the process by which your dentist removes a seriously damaged tooth from its socket in your jaw bone. Dentists do this when they can’t use a filling or crown since there’s the decay or damage is too extensive.

According to the Ontario Dental Association, tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures a dentist conducts today. Understanding this procedure is important.

Reasons for Same-Day Tooth Extractions

The American Dental Association (ADA) says the main reason for tooth extraction include trauma, disease, and crowding. Other reasons for tooth extraction include:

Teeth lacking support from your surrounding jaw bone
Overcrowded teeth which
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Having an emergency tooth extraction is usually safe. When a dentist knows you’re at special risk of any of these things they’ll prescribe antibiotics for you before your tooth extraction.

Pain After Tooth Extraction

Sedation dentistry makes the tooth extraction process less painful. This is because you’re put to sleep throughout the procedure. Nevertheless, you must understand wisdom tooth extraction is surgery.

You’ll experience less pain after tooth extraction if it isn’t a surgical extraction. The precise amount of pain after tooth extraction depends on how difficult removing your tooth was. This also affects how long the pain after tooth extraction lasts.

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction Healing

Pain is a common part of tooth extraction healing. Expect some other symptoms as well. These include swelling, bleeding, and jaw stiffness.

Most symptoms last for about a week or two. During the time of your tooth extraction healing, new bone and gum tissue grow over the gap where your tooth once was. Make sure you return to your dentist for further treatment since your teeth shift causing an uneven bite if you don’t undergo further
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