The Importance Of Security In South Korea

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“Benefit all mankind” is the South Korea’s motto. A selfless motto, for a people who have suffered from being invaded by the North Korean communists 60 years ago. Once the cease fire began in 1953 between North and South Korea, they rose from it and became the proud country that it is today. It has fast growing economy and large technology industries throughout Asia. Also it has a modern democracy, and recently elected their first female president, Park Geun-hye. This shows that South Korea demonstrates stability and rapid growth every day and the U.S. should continue to be an ally for their trade, military, and environment security. Language itself is a momentous aspect of any culture because it allows people from any country to interact…show more content…
Also the definition of national security can be correlated with the environment as a principle that creates and maintains conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. One major threat to the national security of South Korea is air pollution. Due to the escalation of pollution caused by rapid growth of industrial production South Korea is now facing dangerous risks. Air pollution is a main problem with national security because it hinders citizens to work efficiently due to constant illness from dangerous air particles. With new laws and restrictions to how much carbon emissions are being made by industries in both countries, it can help with diminishing smog in heavily polluted cities like Seoul, South Korea and San Francesco, California that causes severe health problems to its citizens. If the air pollution continues, then this can cause a major blow to their economy and our alliance. That’s why I have come to understand now that national security has to involve a partnership between the two countries in order to form a new direction in Environmental Security. U.S. has done the most damage in air pollution and is not a great example for developing countries. The economy would benefit because of the new clean technology, and companies can bring in millions of dollars in revenue and stimulate it by creating millions of jobs for both countries. The environment will benefit from this because the less companies use natural resources for their products the more time the environment can recuperate without going extinct. Overall, environmental security is a valuable investment because it allows growth in the economy, health, and environment, and partnering with South Korea and the U.S. will decelerate the air

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