The Importance Of Science Fiction Movies

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Science fiction movies are becoming increasingly more popular, possibly because people feel the need to escape from the mundane repetition of modern life. Since there are dozens of science fiction(sci-fi) movies being released every week, some people might enjoy watching an older sci-fi movie, whether it’s for nostalgia or simply because they enjoy that version more. One such classic is Independence Day(96), which went to theaters on July 3rd, 1996, cleverly one day before the day the movie is named after. Susan Sontag states,” A typical science fiction film has a form as predictable as a Western”(326). Science fiction movies are like painting by the numbers, Susan Sontag’s point can still be applied to almost any science fiction film in the past twenty years. Two days before the Fourth of July, an alien spaceship arrives at Earth and begins to send smaller ships to several major cities across the world. While…show more content…
One such instance is related to Sontag’s third point which she explains that in the nation's capital, “conferences between the scientists and the military take place” while a “national emergency is declared” with reports of “news broadcasts in various languages”(326). With Jeff Goldblum being the scientist and Bill Pullman being the military, as commander in chief of the US armed forces, meet to have the scientist reveal that the aliens are having a countdown to annihilate the cities they hover over. Soon after this realization the President orders the evacuation of every major US city, unfortunately he is too late, the aliens have already begun their attack. Although, the news broadcast montage is replaced with rapid scenes of various cities being destroyed by the alien ships. Unsurprisingly, Independence Day follows Sontag’s point down to the letter, unable to dodge the inevitable
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