The Importance Of Science

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Science is all around us and affects everyone, everyday. We all start learning science from an early age, whether it be kindergarten or the first grade. While some people may be better than others at studying the subject it is very important to keep studying and grow an understanding for science no matter what our feelings or opinions may be. However, when one is becoming a teacher, they must have a firm grasp on the subject in order for their students to become successful. Science is a vital subject to understand in order to fully the universe around us.
Early science, which takes place in elementary school, is something that many children can remember back to, when they first learned about science. When children are first learning about science
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For example, I never succeeded in science when I was in elementary school and to this day still do not succeed in the subject, which made it hard for me to find a passion to study science. The other factor that made me lose the love for science was that for most of my elementary school teachers they made the curriculum so we just read from our textbook and rarely had hands on experience with science. As time pressed on, I realized that no matter what one’s feelings may be towards science, whether they succeeded in science classes or not, science is a vital part of…show more content…
The children could also do some research and find some interesting facts or news about what is going on in the world, science related, whether it is something to do with the weather or the planets. My classroom will be a very hands on oriented classroom.
Some concepts that would be important to stress in my classroom would be identifying students ' views and ideas, supporting their attempts to re-think and reconstruct their ideas and views. It is a vital part of life for people to express their thoughts and idea’s and how to acknowledge other’s ideas. In my classroom it would be important for me to stress that everyone 's opinion matters and it is important to listen to what other people’s opinion’s and ideas are in order to form new ideas.
Science may not people’s favorite subject to learn or study, however no matter what our opinions are, future educators must put those feelings aside in order for the students to be fully educated. Science classrooms should be centered around a hands on curriculum for the students to fully benefit and understand how important science really
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