The Importance Of School Shootings

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Every year school shootings are reported and yet no major attempts to fix the problem have been made. Attempts to improve gun laws are always tossed around by the government but are never passed. One of the most horrific and memorable school shootings happened on April 20th 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado. On that day two students planned a massacre, which at first failed when attempting to bomb their school. The bomb did not go off so the two students went into the cafeteria and started shooting and killed twelve students. Eric Harris, 18 and Dylan klebold, 17 committed suicide after the killings. (21 Mar. 2014) Columbine was the first of many school shootings to awaken the public’s eyes on the importance of school safety. There have been twenty eight school shootings in the United States and that includes colleges and High schools. (17 February, 2014) In Nevada a student brought a handgun to school which he had stolen from his parents and left two students wounded and one teacher dead. Mike Landsberry was the math teacher who was shot while attempting to stop the gunman. (Johnston) Another shooting on August 30th 2006 occurred when a nineteen year old in a trench coat started shooting in his old high schools parking lot. (Robertz) Another shooting took place on January 2014 when a twelve year old seventh grader shot two classmates and was eventually taken into custody. (14 January 2014) On November 8th, 2005 Kenny Bartley was accused of bringing a gun to his high school and when confronted by his principal he shot his assistant principal and killed him. (Becken) On February 3, 2014 in Moscow a teenager stole two of his father’s rifles and held 20 of his student’s hostage. He killed one police off... ... middle of paper ... ...ration drills for shooting events. So in case of a situation like this our teachers and students will be more prepared and have somewhat knowledge of what and what not to do. President Obama during a speech said that a little girl by the name of Rachel wrote to him and asked him if he could keep guns out of bad people’s hands. That shows that kids at the age of eight are aware of the dangers at a campus with no protection. (31 Mar. 2014) The American people need congress to act fast and act now if they want the safety of American students to be set in place. The American people should do as much as they can even though there are no laws or sets of laws that can prevent all crime. It should be the American Government and Congress’ first obligation to reduce gun violence in American schools. School shootings are a worldwide problem not just a national problem.
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