The Importance Of School Education In The Modern Society

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The importance of the school education is undeniable in the modern society, and the role of the school in the development of personality and cognitive functions of the student was evident by the numerous investigations. “Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate the integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity, or it becomes the practice of freedom” (Freire, 2016). Nowadays important question consists of the role of the destination of school and various aspects of it, as well as the role of curriculum or the organisation of the classes. Comparing both articles (White 2005), (Young 2011) what discuss the main issues of this theme and try to understand the…show more content…
The author considers that the main charge of the composition of the program and the creation of the proper methods of the teaching should be in the administration of each school and not by the central government. But to be honest, it is important to remember, that the government plays the role of the buffer to the changes in the educational system, the control of the authorities is evident. Schools might have the proper right to make the decisions about the methods of the teaching in one particular school, but in general, the government has to be able to intervene in the educational process, to control it, supply and help in the case of the need. The examples of the development of the educational process were described in the work of Wright (2008) and Eggleston (1975). In this very case the position of Young is more suitable, he offered to provide an individual program to each school, that would be coordinated with the particular services of the government and the local authorities. The aim of it is furnishing of the system that would give a strong knowledge and “create the conditions for learners to acquire powerful knowledge and both structures... the boundaries between schools and professional and academic «knowledge producing communities» and between schools and the everyday knowledge of local communities.”(Young

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