The Importance Of Running In My Life

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Running is so meaningful to me. I am a runner. I am really good at this aerobic exercise. Doing extracurricular activities like cross-country and track has made a real impact on me with running. Running is an activity that anybody can do and it does not require any learning. To me, running is like a natural drug that you're addicted to and never want to stop doing. Before running I was feeling down and I needed to do something that was going to change me. For the first time how I felt running to where I am at now, running has changed me both physically and mentally. That is why running means everything to me.

First of all, running for the first time was really hard for me. I remember I didn’t know what I was doing on my first day of cross-country practice. To begin with, as a freshman on a team I only had three friends that I only talked to and back then I was a really shy person. My first workout for running was a hill workout and we had to go up and down the hill six
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I finally came to a choosing and decided that I didn’t want to play football and I wanted to try something new for a change. I joined the cross-country team and that is when I started to come back to my senses. Ever since I started running, my life was back on track. I always came to school with a positive attitude, focusing in my classes again, and started to ask questions if I needed help with any problem I was having trouble with. Teachers also informed my parents how good I was doing, and how much I improved. Therefore, entering high school and running changed me intensively.

In conclusion, I didn’t realize how meaningful running was to me. I always thought that running was just something that people did for exercise. From my point of view, running is more of a passion than it is an exercise. From the first time how I felt running to how it changed me physically and mentally. I can say that running can be a significant part of any athletic pursuing, and even a healthy
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