The Importance Of Robust Knowledge

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It's a popular belief among people, especially those whose jobs revolve around a field of knowledge, that strong knowledge requires agreement and disagreement. However, some believe that disagreement among experts should be a reason not to trust those experts, even it they have some things they do agree on. Robust knowledge is knowledge that is relevant and can be deemed credible by multiple people who may have helped take part in the production of the results. I believe that for knowledge to be specifically considered robust it doesn't have to be disagreed upon and then accepted, but that it just has to be accepted. I'm going to focus on two areas of knowledge: religious knowledge systems and indigenous knowledge systems because the belief…show more content…
If robust knowledge would require both consensus and disagreement it would just make matters more complicated and additionally it would make its own definition implying that robust knowledge should be knowledge that was debated upon and proved to be or made correct by whoever argued upon it. When there is something that can't simply be solved, more people may begin to develop theories of their own, so the knowledge couldn't be considered robust, it would be close to personal knowledge since people wouldn't come to terms on it. In the case of nuclear power, people are split in between whether it should be used as a source of energy or not because of how dangerous the stuff is and the fact that it is not a renewable resource. Everyone won't be able to say that nuclear power is something that should be managed without any concern. The term robust has more than one meaning: it can be something well built, strong, and it can be something well thought out. When robust and knowledge are put together, I assume that it would be mean strong knowledge and for knowledge to be strong, it shouldn't e something multiple people had to assure and test the validity of, it's nearly a matter of perspective, it you think it is strong knowledge, then it may be strong

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