The Importance Of Retail Shopping

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What happened if surveillance of consumer by retail anthropologists should not be allowed? Shopping activity has a vital role in the economy today because it impacts to all aspects of developing economies. With the development of the society, consumers have changed their habits when they shop. They focus on the service of the store which is good or bad, so they can decide where they can shop. To meet this demand of the consumer, the retail store and business are hiring retail anthropologists to find out how and why consumers buy or not buy products and the processes of customer shopping like. Retail anthropologist is a person who studies shopping habits based on the information that he or she supervises the consumers in order to choose the best locations for new retail store and the best designs for the space within each store. Some people argue that surveillance of consumers is manipulative and unethical; however, it will bring some advantages for both consumers and retail store because it can make consumer easier to shop, help retailer follows the consumer, and improve customer experience.
Many people think that retail anthropologists install several cameras at the store to observe the privacy of the customer, but this action has an ability to make consumer easier to shop. To grab the attention of customers, what the retail need to do is provide them with comfortable feeling when they are
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This is just the action of a retail anthropologist to analyze and learn the shopping habit. Without surveillance of consumers, the customers will have a lot of challenges when they go shopping, and the retailer cannot provide best services for the consumers. People who argue surveillance of consumers is a manipulative and unethical need to rethink about
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