The Importance Of Representation In The Media

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Women, throughout history and as well as contemporary times, have sought out the struggles of being, objectified, ridiculed, and misrepresented. Media has played a major role in conveying what are deemed the “right” courses of action to take, how to act, what their appearance should be, and roles in which they can play in society. Whether history chooses to admit it or not, the characters that inhabit our screens have a great impact on women’s lives; they help to shape who they are, the way they view the world around them, and who they aspire to be. That's why representation in the media truly matters. 19th century women roles and behaviors, although still very much the same as today, have come a long way to where women are capable to resist…show more content…
In 1872 Susan B. Anthony, a civil rights activist for women, got arrested for illegally voting (National Geographic). she voted on terms of where women weren’t allowed to vote, yet she still did and got fined for it, even after getting fined she denied to paying for it and said, “I shall never pay a dollar of your unjust penalty,” (National Geographic). Women suffrage has brought a lot of rights and power to women, yet with power still comes controversy. In the contemporary film Miss Representation, it addresses the stereotypical images of women and how it’s a part of the daily process, also how whether they create or reflect attitudes on women. The issue it addresses is how stereotypical ideas in media are impacting the youth and their value. It also addresses issue which people turn a blind eye to or even accept as a norm, such as slut shaming, being outspoken or striving for power, and sexuality. The filmmaker, producer, director herself is Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who is a graduate from Stanford University. Through the release of Miss Representation, has increase public and community awareness on the issues at hand and how much the youths even pushing towards change and resistance. Within the synopsis it
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