The Importance Of Representation In The LGBT Community

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The LGBT community is the most diverse there is...It includes members of all races, ethnicities, and economic status; however, color and economic diversity are severely underrepresented in mainstream portrayals of the LGBT community. Representation for the community has greatly expanded, but the diversity in that representation is extremely lacking. Similar to an example by Robin Coleman, due to the prevalence of stereotypical imagery in popular culture, even when the LGBT community does receive representation, it is of poor quality. The community is marginalized in many of the same ways other minorities are and experience many of the same setbacks. Personally, I am a gay white male and the majority of the LGBT representation on television is white gay men; being that I am white, I attempt to…show more content…
I grew up very poor, so I’ve always experienced a void when attempting to identify with the white gay males on television...Most of the gay males on television are wealthy or at least wealthy enough to always be dressed lavishly; this inept representation prevails, even though the LGBT community experiences some of the worst cases of poverty. My story in relation to Coleman’s While Coleman focused just on African American depictions, I will relate the key points from the paper to my own personal experiences and the wide range of LGBT underrepresentation. One of the biggest similarities between LGBT and African American representation in Coleman’s paper

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